Ways of Working Cultural Awareness Accredited Program

The Ways of Working Cultural Awareness Program (WOW) aims to create a better understanding of the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander culture and identify aspects of cross-cultural communication to enhance working relationships with Indigenous Australians.

Why participate in WOW?

  • You’ll be able to apply your learning to problems which have been present between Indigenous and non-Indigenous people in the past and develop good working relationships in future.
  • The program is developed and taught by Aboriginal people and provides an opportunity for questions and group discussion.
  • Structured learning activities aim to increase knowledge, understanding and awareness of Indigenous Australian history, cultural diversity and cultural issues, past and present, and how current social and political issues impact on the lives of Indigenous Australians.

Who can participate in WOW?

  • Corporate workplaces
  • External stakeholders
  • Mine sites
  • Indigenous and Non-Indigenous publics
  • Curtin staff.
    New to Curtin staff, and those in areas working frequently with Indigenous Australian people, such as education, health and human resources are highly encouraged to complete WOW.

What will I learn in WOW?

Below is an example of previous WOW program content.

The program is taught in 3 stages:

Stage 1: Introduction

  • Module 1) Self as Worker in the Workplace
  • Module 2) Past and Present
  • Module 3) Identity and everyday Ways of Life
  • Module 4) Communicating

Stage 2

  • Module 5) Relating
  • Module 6) Working in my Local Area
  • Module 7) Working Together – Planning

Stage 3

  • We look at the concept of the Courageous Conversation about Race: An Australian Perspective.
  • On Country Trip

How can I sign up for WOW?

Please note: A minimum of 20 participants is required to commence the training program.

For updated information on the 2023 dates please contact the WOW program coordinator

If you would like to further information or would like to participate in the program please contact:

Phone: +61 8 9266 7091
Email: wow@curtin.edu.au 

WoW Program Coordinator Contact:
Anthony Kickett
Centre for Aboriginal Studies (CAS)
Tel: (08) 9266 9275
E: Anthony.Kickett@curtin.edu.au