Courses for Curtin staff

At Curtin, it’s important for staff to have knowledge and respect for Indigenous heritage and ways of working. As part of Curtin’s commitment to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people, the University has the Indigenous Cultural Capabilities Framework (ICCF), which reflects a staged approach to promoting an understanding of Indigenous knowledges, culture and history.

Stage one: Ways of Working


Part one: Ways of Working Cultural Awareness Program (WoW)

WoW is delivered by staff at the Centre for Aboriginal Studies. This training is designed to create a better understanding of Indigenous culture and identify aspects of cross-cultural communication to enhance relationships.

Optional: Noongar Language and Culture MOOC

Learn Noongar language and culture through Curtin’s Massive Open Online Course (MOOC). This gives an opportunity to learn about the Noongar people of Western Australia, their culture and their language in a self–paced manner. It provides resources that complement the content that is delivered. Visit

Anthony Kickett
Centre for Aboriginal Studies (CAS)
Tel: (08) 9266 9275


Stage Two: ICCF On-Country Immersion Trips


Part one: Wogga Warniny (The Blanket Exercise) is delivered by the Elder in Residence team and is essentially an activity that builds awareness of the contact history between First Nations people of Western Australia and colonisers.

Part two: Carrolup Engagement Workshop is a session that provides a platform to learn about the Stolen Generation and impacts through the story of Carrolup and is delivered by staff from the EIR team and John Curtin Gallery.

Part three: On-Country Immersion Experiences. This cultural development On Country Immersive trip was designed by Professor Simon Forrest, it is delivered by Associate Lecturer Jayde Conway. In this learning experience on Country you will visit many Aboriginal significant historic sites and hear stories from Indigenous Australians. Nyungar ways of knowing and doing are explored in practical ways to build on your competency in understanding and interacting with Aboriginal peoples and societies. There are three location based trips offered to staff:

  • Swan Valley
  • Pinjarra
  • Roelands

Jayde Conway
Office of Elder in Residence
Tel: (08) 9266 4340 or 0468 549 475


Stage Three: ICCF On-Country Immersion Trips


Part one: On-Country learning, exploring Australian Indigenous knowledges based on country at Curtin’s Nowanup Bush Campus in the Great Southern. This training aims to give participants opportunities to gain insights into the significance of historical and contemporary issues that have influenced and impacted on Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people. It is delivered using Aboriginal pedagogies, including sessions with First Nations Elders that challenge those involved to develop their understandings of First Nations’ ways of being, doing and knowing.

Staff walking along a path during an on country visit
Staff members walking next to the rabbit-proof fence