Our people


Professor Marion Kickett

Deputy Director

Mr David Cusack

Dean of Teaching and Learning

Ms Robyn Heckenberg

Acting Centre Business Manager

Ms Melony Darroch

Centre staff

Academic staff


Ms Ana Blazey – Lecturer

Ms Linda Bonney – Associate Lecturer

Ms Biddy Brennan – Lecturer

Ms Vanessa Corunna – Associate Lecturer

Dr Carol Dowling – Associate Lecturer

Ms Kim Farmer – Lecturer

Mr Colin Garlett – Associate Lecturer

Miss Christine Humphries – Associate Lecturer

Mr Max Jackson – Associate Lecturer

Mr Anthony Kickett – Associate Lecturer

Mrs Lynette Mallard – Lecturer

Dr Julie Owen – Senior Lecturer

Dr Shaouli Shahid – Senior Lecturer

Mr Mike Sowerby – Lecturer

Miss Rae-Lee Warner –¬†Lecturer

Ms Caron Wynne – Lecturer

Mr Fred Yasso – Lecturer


Dr Carol Dowling – Associate Lecturer

Dr Shaouli Shahid – Senior Lecturer

Dr Ernie Stringer – University Associate

Professional staff

Student services

Ms Cora Riches – Pastoral & Cultural Care Coordinator

Ms Shamone Eades – Student Services Advisor

Ms Sara Riches – ITAS Officer

Miss Donna Cuttabutt – ITAS Officer

Ms Shannae Pattrick –¬†Indigenous Support Coordinator

Ms Amanda King – Indigenous Support Officer

Counselling and disability support

Miss Karen Darby – Disability Advisor

Mrs Joyleen Koolmatrie – Counsellor

Administration support

Ms Lorraine Ford – Teaching Support Officer

Miss Tara McDonagh – Events and Marketing Officer

Mrs Jeannie Morrison – Administrative Officer

Ms Louise Yarran – Administrative Officer

Ms Jacqui Holub – Administrative Officer

Academic Support (FLET)

Mrs Naomi Prisgrove – Learning Media Developer

Australian Indigenous Mentoring Experience (AIME)

Mr Jason Burton – AIME Manager

Ms Hannah James РAIME Programme Manager