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Sorry Day Smoking Ceremony 27 May 2024 9.30am

Please join us at Building 211 for a Welcome to Country and Smoking Ceremony led by Aunty Vivienne Hansen at 9:30am, followed by a heartfelt morning tea.

Sorry Day holds significant importance as we remember the historical mistreatment of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples, particularly the Stolen Generation who were forcibly removed from their families. This day also marks the anniversary of the tabling of The Bringing Them Home Report in 1997.

As we gather, our focus is on truth-telling and healing. Let us come together to honour the past, acknowledge the present, and pave the way for a more inclusive future.

We invite you to walk with us on this journey of reconciliation and understanding.


Indigenous and Library Staff Networking Event 29 May 2024

Join us for an enriching opportunity to connect, converse, and network in the spirit of reconciliation. This event is a wonderful chance to engage with fellow members of our community, share stories, and foster meaningful connections.

This event will be held during National Reconciliation Week. For resources please follow the link.


NAIDOC Week Flag Raising Ceremony July (Date to be confirmed)

Join us for our annual NAIDOC Week Flag Raising Ceremony to honour the history, achievements, and resilience of Australia’s First Nations peoples.

Experience the power of unity as we come together to recognise and respect the land, languages, and traditions of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples. Whether you’re a seasoned advocate or just beginning your journey of understanding, there’s something for everyone at our NAIDOC Week event.


Alumni Launch Event (Date to be confirmed)

It’s time to reconnect, reminisce, and reignite your passion for success at our Alumni Launch Event!

Further details will be provided shortly.


40th Anniversary Event 27 November 2024

Honouring 40 years of Indigenous excellence.

Join us in commemorating a milestone of cultural significance – the 40th Anniversary of the Centre for Aboriginal Studies! For four decades, our Centre has been a beacon of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander empowerment, education, and community engagement.

As we reflect on our journey, we celebrate the countless lives touched, the barriers broken, and the traditions upheld. From pioneering educational initiatives to fostering cultural understanding, our Centre has been at the forefront of positive change.

This event isn’t just about looking back, it’s about looking forward with hope and determination. It’s a celebration of resilience, progress, and the limitless potential of Indigenous communities.

Together, let’s honour the past, celebrate the present, and envision a future where Indigenous voices are heard, valued, and empowered.

Further details will be provided shortly.


Previous Events

Pre-Graduation Bunuru Ceremony 2024 

We gathered for a special occasion steeped in both tradition and achievement, the Pre-Graduation Bunuru Ceremony 2024. Guided by the wisdom of our Elders and the inspiration of our guest speakers, Aunty Freda Ogilvie and Dr. Carol Dowling, we came together to honour the journey of our graduates and pay homage to the rich cultural heritage of our land.

Congratulations to the graduating class of 2024 . May your achievements be celebrated, your dreams realised, and your futures bright. And to all who are currently studying at CAS, may the spirit of the Bunuru Ceremony inspire us to walk in harmony with each other and with the land, today and always.


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