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Dr Rachna Aggarwal

Dr Rachna Aggarwal Dr Rachna Aggarwal
Position Senior Lecturer
Faculty Centre for Aboriginal Studies
Campus Bentley Campus
Location 211
Phone 08 9266 2647

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Dr Rachna Aggarwal embarked on the teaching journey 27 years ago. Having been associated with Curtin University for the last 15 years, she is currently the course coordinator for Indigenous Pre-Medicine and Health Sciences Enabling Course (IPMHSEC) and was teaching Chemistry in Curtin College.


  • Envisaged and developed IPMHSEC exclusive for indigenous students as an alternate pathway to Medical School and Health courses at Curtin. Working religiously for its effective implementation in 2017.
  • Effectively coordinated tasks to develop a well recognised fully online ITEC course with timeliness and creativity.
  • Pursued comprehensive research in the development of novel teaching methodology including Game based Learning and Digital Story Assessment funded by TEDF and e-scholar.
  • Designed curriculum and created resources for proliferation of indigenous students in health sciences in a culturally appropriate environment.
  • Collaborated with overseas academia in designing Aboriginal astronomy adventure game to be incorporated as student learning resource.
  •  Published and presented research papers in national and international conferences; awarded for the best poster in 2016.
  • Versatility exhibited in being a member of more than one faculty, and inculcating creativity in teaching with strong work ethics.
  • Perceived as approachable lecturer, with an interactive teaching style that stimulates student involvement while facilitating learning.
  • Committee member to review papers in STEAM conference.
  • Implemented new retention strategies, such as staff mentoring program and use of badges in class to recognise the soft skills of the Indigenous students.





Conference Articles (Research)


Journal Articles (Research)

  • Aggarwal, R., R. Giles, I. Green, J. Oosthuizen, and P. Taylor. 2005.“Syntheses in enantiopure form of four diastereoisomeric naphthopyranquinones derived from aphid insect pigments.”Organic and Biomolecular Chemistry 3: 263-273.


Journal Articles (Research)

  • Aggarwal, R., A. Birkbeck, R. Giles, I. Green, Y. Gruchlik, and F. Oosthuizen. 2003.“Regioselectivity in the Synthesis of Enantiopure 2-Benzopyrans through Intramolecular Cyclization of Tethered Lactaldehydes. Confirmation of the Products.”Australian Journal of Chemistry 56 (5). In press.
  • Aggarwal, R., A. Birkbeck, C. de Koning, R. Giles, I. Green, S. Li, and J. Oosthuizen. 2003.“The importance of peri-interactions in determining the half-chair conformation of the dihydropyran ring in 2-benzopyrans Stereochemical consequences.”Tetrahedron Letters 44: 4535-4538.


Journal Articles (Research)

  • Ahluwalia, V., R. Chandra, R. Aggarwal, and S. Singh. 1987.“Base Catalysed Condensation of Acetone with Uracil Derivatives: One Step Synthesis of Pyranopyrimidines.”Synthetic Communications 17 (12): 1435-1440.
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