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Dr Rachna Aggarwal

Dr Rachna Aggarwal Dr Rachna Aggarwal
Position Lecturer
Faculty Centre for Aboriginal Studies
Campus Bentley Campus
Location 211
Phone 08 9266 2647

Brief Summary

Rachna is an Indian born lecturer who migrated to Australia with her family in 1997. She completed most of her education in India, including several masters and a doctorate, and she is currently pursuing her second PhD from Murdoch University. Her publications include ten papers in national and international journals in chemistry.

Rachna began her teaching career in late 1970s and after pursuing further studies (PhD), she joined the Delhi University College in India, as a lecturer. Rachna has been affiliated with the Centre for Aboriginal Studies since 1998 in varying capacities, including a role as the lecturer for Science and technology bridging courses. She was also appointed as a lecturer in Athene College for Traditional medicines during the period of 2002-2006, which is a part of Marr Mooditij now. Consequently, 17 years of experience in the field can be accredited to her name.

Rachna is a dedicated and hard-working member who is proud to be the part of the Indigenous education program. Her passion is to spread the light of education to people at all levels. She currently lectures in Mathematics, Science and Computers in the Enabling Program at the Centre for Aboriginal Studies in Curtin University.



Journal Articles (Research)

  • Aggarwal, R., A. Birkbeck, R. Giles, I. Green, Y. Gruchlik, and J. Oosthuizen. 2003.“Regioselectivity in the Synthesis of Enantiopure 2-Benzopyrans through Intramolecular Cyclization of Tethered Lactaldehydes. Confirmation of the Products.”Australian Journal of Chemistry 56 (5): 489-498.
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